Sourcing & Placing

Recruit or Place Candidates

Struggling to identify talent for your client or a client for your talent?

Brilliant Professionals

As the demand for a secure, comfortable and professionally sound environment has increased, HEXIS guides the Industry trained and University certified Skilled Management Professionals who are ready for deployment. Through their training resources, HEXIS enables an all-round development of the Skilled Management Professionals who transform the infrastructure and manage the functioning of the skilled Professionals.

It not only reduces time but is cost-effective as well for the recruiters while sourcing candidates. It helps the recruiter's client(s) in saving management of Payroll and statutory compliance of resources. HEXIS also assists the recruiters in head hunting, screening and selection of brilliant professionals for as Skilled Professionals.


  • Place your candidates in progressive environments and companies
  • Source befitting and professionally-trained candidates for your clients.
  • Save time and money by outsourcing managerial formalities and compliance processes.