Facilities Management

Faciliti Management

As the Indian Facility Management Services Market steadily grows owing to developments in end-user industries and the need for safe, comfortable, and professionally-maintained work environments, Certified Facility Managers will be in greater demand.

Globally, Facilities Management is a USD 1.2 trillion market. India is at present a USD 75 billion market and is growing at a rate of 25% annually. This market accounts for 3.2% of the GDP of the country. With an employment potential of 5 million people in the next three years, there is more opportunity for Facilities Management Professionals.

Facilities Management is a multi-disciplinary sector which encompasses a wide array of activities, responsibilities and is knowledge driven. As we bring in more technology and bring in a holistic approach in services, there is a need for a better-trained staff.

In the past few years, businesses all over have come to realize that having a team of people manage workplaces efficiently and effectively create better working environments and impact their employee productivity, retention and loyalty. Facilities Management is now pivotal to any organization's needs. Driven by our vision of meeting the future corporate requirements of India, HEXIS takes upon itself the task of creating Leaders in Facility Management who shall play an active role in transforming workspaces in the future. We will pick the right person for the right job. And train and equip them for effective execution, eagle-eyed supervision and efficient management of work environments.

Facility Management is a wide-ranging industry that will always be in demand irrespective of economic fluctuations and continue to offer competitive remuneration with a steady career progression in the future.

Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation accredited by HEXIS is a knowledge-based credential for Facilities Management Professionals and industry suppliers. FMP increases depth-of-knowledge in the core Facilities Management subject matters deemed critical by employers.

Facility Management Professional (FMP) credentials allow you to join and be a part of over 7,200 leading professionals worldwide.

Why Foundation Course in Facility Management (FCFM)?

  • FCFM gives you an upper-hand in the competitive market and enhances the quality of your job performance by providing the right education and recognition through FCFM.
  • Earn professional credibility and recognition from current and potential employers, clients, work teams and peers.
  • Earn a certificate in Foundation Course in Facilities Management recognised by Reva University, Bangalore. 

Why should Corporates prefer the FCFM certified Facility Management Professional (FMP)?

  • Establishes a common foundation which is based on knowledge and vocabulary for the entire team.
  • Ensures excellence, competency and professionalism among your employees.
  • Offers a competitive advantage to the organization.
  • A strong commitment towards the growth of the employees and their career advancement which leads to an increased staff retention rate.
  • Creates motivated staffs who strive for excellence.
  • Companies in the Facilities Management space can partner with HEXIS and set up training facilities to upskill, train and deploy the Facilities Management resources.