About Us

Hexis Essence

It's all about Influence, Impact and Inspiration.

The genesis of HEXIS came about by a vision for seamless work environments driven by professionals. A work environment which serves as a fitting playground for professionals to think, perform and excel. A vital cog in the process of fostering such environments is Human Resource, i.e. people who facilitate this process. HEXIS aims to build careers in Services Management by sourcing, training and eventually hiring the youth in India to lead the mammoth transformation of workplaces with an edge. With meticulously designed certified online courses in multiple disciplines, HEXIS will train, equip and arm a vast multitude of Services Management Professionals to undertake seamless management of work environments of the future.


Our Vision

HEXIS envisions an India armed with highly motivated, trained and equipped professionals.


Our Mission

Hexis empowers trained professional careers in Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail and Logistics for the youth of India through certified courses & Training.

Our Team

Pawan Koyal


Pawan is responsible for driving the HEXIS Vision. An entrepreneur at heart, he took a leap of faith to pursue his dream of helping businesses & start-ups nurture and fulfil their vision. He is driven with passion and purpose; passion to develop expertise in business models, strategies, and financial operating plans with the purpose to drive any task at hand fearlessly and fervently across varied roles.

Sanjul Gupta

Chief Financial Officer

He is a dynamic, result-oriented leader with superior interpersonal skills., With over 20 years of rich experience spanning across various Service and manufacturing companies as a strategic Supply Chain & Management professional responsible for planning, negotiating, developing and sourcing Sanjul, has established himself as someone who can seize optimization opportunities and deliver significant financial outcomes while leading complex initiatives.