HEXIS for Healthcare offers all-inclusive management solutions covering all the needs pertaining to your healthcare organization.

Healthcare organizations are under a constant challenge to improve their services, enhance the patient experience and improve the overall efficiency. The ever-evolving healthcare industry is actively supported by EMR conversations, impending ICD-10 cutover, Affordable Care Act's emphasis on HCAHPS scores and Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) models.

For you to not just survive, but flourish in such challenge ridden environment, HEXIS for Healthcare provides solutions that can accelerate the operations of a healthcare organization with its delivery of powerful services and supply of in-depth knowledge to the workers by providing them with the right tools and skills to tackle the complex challenges and inspire them to expand in the incessantly changing world.

Meet the Unique Demands of Your Healthcare Organization with HEXIS Healthcare Solutions:

  • The security needs which are required for hosting system training courses and other EMR vendor content are met by Learning Management System (LMS).
  • The extensive LMS courseware library offers courses related to healthcare which are accumulated from providers leading the industry. It offers you the flexibility to upload your own content as well.
  • Tracking the certificates, licenses and accreditation of prime healthcare personnel and managing them effectively, becomes easier.
  • Utilization of applicant management, social sourcing, employee referral and several predictive hiring tools for the identification, evaluation and recruitment of top-notch healthcare talent.
  • Accurate and timely tools to support the audits and surveys and generating regulatory processes by The Joint Commission, CMS, OSHA, ANCC, and other healthcare agencies.