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Our Training and Certification Solution Process

Faciliti Management

Skilled Professional Management

HEXIS serves as an incubator for your diligent skilled Professionals and future leaders. Our meticulously designed training programs are created keeping an organization's needs in mind. We harness your manpower to manage your work efficiently and effectively. Certification course saves the time spent on training, infrastructure and training resources. It provides right skills to the Professionals through its trained and certified resources and reduces the transition period.

HEXIS helps you with the monthly management of the payroll and statutory requirement. During attrition, HEXIS also helps you replace the trained resources more quickly, ensuring business continuity.

Certification course empowers you and your team by expanding requisite skillsets. It not only offers a hands-on learning experience, but also makes the best use of a professional's core strengths, hone their managerial skills and fuel analytical thinking to enable them to take on the emerging challenges in the Services Management Industry.


  • Build an empowered team of skilled professionals
  • Save in-house training time and money
  • Upskill your teams' competencies
  • Ensure business continuity by fulfilling manpower gaps on time